New Pathways in Airway and Sleep Diagnostics

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Dates: April 28 – 29, 2023

Location: 8601 W. Emerald St, Suite 150 Boise, Idaho 83704

 Airway and sleep diagnostics are rapidly evolving fields with new technologies and techniques being developed to better diagnose and treat respiratory and sleep disorders.  On the 28th and 29th of April, 2023, a group of experts in Airway Health, including Dr. Dave McCarty, Dr. Layne Martin, and Jen Kirkham, will be hosting an in-person event to share their programs related to the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in airway and sleep diagnostics and gain insights into the programs designed to prevent and correct various airway issues. The event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for anyone interested in improving their oral health and well-being. 


Dr. Dave McCarty

Patient-Centered Sleep Medicine Specialist, Award-Winning Educator, Author,
Cartoonist, Podcast Host.

Dr. Dave McCarty is a board-certified specialist in Sleep Medicine and a pioneer in the practice of patient-centered care for those who suffer from sleep disorders. An award-winning educator, he is passionate about empowering individuals with knowledge that restores confidence and personal agency, as each patient navigates the landscape of disease and wellness, within an increasingly fragmented healthcare system. He is the co-creator of Empowered Sleep Apnea, an innovative cross-platform educational project combining storytelling, cartooning, scientific rigor, and quite a bit of fun, all in the name of helping individuals (and providers) navigate the fascinating but complex
disorder known as “Sleep Apnea.” In 2023, the project comprises a website, a book (Empowered Sleep Apnea: A Handbook for Patients and the People Who Care About Them, co-authored with Ellen Stothard, PhD), a blog (Dave’s Notes) and a podcast (Empowered Sleep Apnea: THE PODCAST).

Dr. Layne Martin

Dr. Layne Martin is a highly respected dentist who served a prestigious career in the Navy before transitioning to private practice. For several years, he practiced dentistry at the highest aesthetic level, but it wasn’t until he experienced a pivotal career shift that he truly found his passion.

After realizing that some of his high-end reconstructive cases were failing due to undiagnosed airway problems, Dr. Martin became determined to learn more about the connection between dental health and airway health. He trained with the best in TMJ, airway and sleep medicine, and airway-centric orthodontics, becoming a recognized expert in the field.

Dr. Martin is now the co-creator of a revolutionary multi-purpose device called “airVata,” which treats TMD and snoring. He trains dental teams across the US to incorporate this innovative device into their practices, helping them to provide more comprehensive care for their patients.

Thanks to Dr. Martin’s expertise and dedication to the field, patients across the country are now able to receive the highest quality dental care with an emphasis on airway health. Dr. Martin’s passion for helping others and commitment to innovation make him an invaluable asset to the dental community.


Jen Kirkham

Jen Kirkham is the co-founder of the TAO Method program, a solution-based certification for Doctors and teams. She facilitates education and training classes on the TMJ, Airway and airway centric ortho. Her current role, Chief of Operations for the Gelb Institute, provides opportunities to serve and education above the airVata system for patients to have better work, play and sleep. Jen brings a comprehensive view in clinical, technology and business.

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