It seems like a simple formula right? Crooked teeth plus family history equals somebody getting braces.

Now with the first two, braces are the solution. A dentist should continue the normal process of referring those patients directly to an orthodontist.

But with tongue thrust, it’s a different answer.

Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust is a unique cause for crooked teeth because it’s constant pushing against the front of the mouth. While braces may help correct the teeth, that constant pressure slows and negates the work.

What do you do Then?

The first step is to find out if the crooked teeth are being caused by tongue thrust or not. Luckily, we have this free guide about how to identify tongue thrust in your patients.

If you believe that they do have tongue thrust, then refer them to a trained orofacial myologist for speech therapy. With proper therapy, it can fix the tongue thrust, and afterward, the patient can be referred to an orthodontist to fix the teeth. The Boise Speech and Hearing Clinic has multiple trained orofacial myologists and are experts in tongue thrust therapy.

To learn how to identify tongue thrust, as it is present in up to 80% of orthodontic patients, download our free guide “5 Steps to Identify Tongue Thrust.

To read more about Tongue Thrust and see results, check out our Tongue Thrust brochure.