Chatterton Myo Courses™ Terms of Use

Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved. By purchasing a Chatterton Myo Course, you are agreeing the contents are the property of the Center for Orofacial Myology, and licensed to you only for therapeutic use as a single user. This publication may not be: shared with colleagues, copied (with intent to redistribute), resold, presented as your own, emailed, or shared in a common digital file/library. Chatterton Myo Courses™ retains copyright and reserves all rights to this publication. Should you violate the terms of use and copyright law, you will lose access to Chatterton MyoProgram™ indefinitely.

Original Purchaser May:

  • Make copies for the purchaser’s own therapy sessions and/or for backup purposes, but not with intent to redistribute.
  • Direct other interested therapists to the Chatterton MyoProgram™ course.
  • Reference (without distribution) this product in blog posts, at seminars, professional development workshops, or other such venues, provided there is both credit given to the Center for Orofacial Myology and a link to our website is included in your post/presentation.

Original Purchaser May Not:

  • Claim Chatterton MyoProgram™ as your own or remove/attempt to remove copyrighted materials and watermarks.
  • Share this product (part of it or in its entirety) with others.
  • Offer to share this product (part of it or in its entirety) anywhere on the internet as a download or copy including, but not limited to, personal sites, school sites, or Google doc links on blogs or sites, internet sharing groups, news lists, or shared databases.
  • Make copies with the intent to redistribute.

Thank you for abiding by universally accepted codes of professional ethics while using Chatterton Myo Course™ materials.