At age 33, I never imagined that releasing the piece of skin tethering my tongue down would make such a tremendous impact on my health and wellbeing. This simple lingual frenuloplasty procedure has given me a new lease on life.

As an infant, I showed signs of tongue-tie but it went undiagnosed. The restrictive tissue under my tongue led to poor tongue mobility and numerous effects I simply thought were normal parts of life. Sleep disruptions, headaches, neck tension – I chalked it all up to stress or getting older. Little did I know, relief was possible with a simple clip of the scissors.

Since undergoing the relatively quick, low-risk frenuloplasty in my dentist’s office, I’ve noticed some remarkable improvements:

Improved Sleep Quality
One of the most dramatic changes has been in my sleep. I used to wake up frequently throughout the night. Now I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. I also dream much more vividly now, which has been an unexpected surprise! My partner says I no longer snore either. Releasing tongue tension has allowed my airway to expand properly at night.

Decreased Headaches
I relied heavily on pain relievers to cope with almost daily tension headaches. Now I’m down to only 1 or 2 mild headaches per week. The reduction in head pain has been tremendous. Apparently poor tongue mobility put strain on my head and neck muscles, contributing to frequent headaches. Now that strain has been relieved.

Increased Neck Comfort
Along with less headaches, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in neck comfort. I no longer wake up with a sore, stiff neck like I used to. Releasing my tongue has taken pressure off my neck vertebrae and muscles. I feel like I can turn my head more freely without restriction or pain.

No More Jaw Clenching
I didn’t even make the connection before, but freeing up my tongue also relaxed my jaw muscles. I used to clench my teeth fiercely, especially while sleeping. This caused jaw soreness that never completely went away. Now I can wake up with a relaxed jaw free of painful tension. I was even able to stop using my night guard appliance!

Less Daytime Fatigue
That post-lunch energy slump that always struck around 3 pm no matter how well I slept – it has disappeared! I used to rely on coffee to stay awake in the afternoons. Now I feel energized all day without the nasty caffeine crash. Proper sleep and tongue position seem to have given me steady stamina.

In Conclusion…
Releasing my tongue in adulthood has honestly changed my life for the better. I had no idea that restricted tongue mobility could be the root cause behind so many seemingly unrelated health issues. If you suffer from symptoms like headaches, neck tension, poor sleep, clenching/grinding, or daytime fatigue, I highly recommend consulting with healthcare providers knowledgeable in tongue ties and frenuloplasty procedures. There are more benefits than I ever expected! If any of this sounds familiar, I urge you to schedule an evaluation at The Center for Orofacial Myology to determine if a tongue tie release could help you. Call 208-793-7006 or visit their website at to book a consultation. It’s the best first step towards potentially finding relief!