If your orthodontist has recommended jaw expansion to straighten your bite and align your teeth, myofunctional therapy should be part of the process. Expanders widen the upper jaw, but correcting tongue position is critical for maintaining results.

At the Center for Orofacial Myology, we provide post-expansion myofunctional therapy to train proper tongue resting posture and swallowing patterns. This helps sustain the effects of palatal expansion treatment.

Who Needs Myofunctional Therapy?
Anyone who has undergone palatal expansion can benefit from myofunctional therapy afterward, including:

● Children and teens with crowding or crooked permanent teeth
● Adults seeking to avoid tooth extractions
● Patients with breathing issues like sleep apnea

Along with supporting dental work, myofunctional therapy also helps establish proper facial development and growth.

Our Approach
We teach clients how to:
● Position the tongue properly in the roof of the mouth
● Rest with lips sealed and mouth closed
● Breathe through the nose
● Swallow correctly without tongue thrusting

We develop customized treatment plans to meet each patient’s needs after palatal expansion. Proper tongue position is key to sustaining results long-term.

Contact our knowledgeable team today at the Center for Orofacial Myology at (208) 793-7006 to learn more or schedule your myofunctional therapy consultation. Our whole-body approach leads to healthy smiles!